Why I Still Like Apple

It is easy to have a love/hate relationship with Apple. On one hand they make great products. On the other hand, they control control their products too tightly. The most recent “anti-Apple” catalyst was the revelation that iPhones track movement information in an unencrypted database, until it was revealed a couple days later that Google Android phones are doing the same thing.

I purchased my MacBook in August 2009. Actually it was a gift but I did purchase some upgrades. Two weeks ago I realized the battery is running strong for two and a half years. Until it wasn’t. Two days ago I realized it was bulging and risked cracking the case.

Laptop computers are easy to hate, due to the batteries. My last employer gave me a new Dell. The factory battery lasted 3 months. The company replaced it with a 3rd party replacement. That lasted 4 months. They replaced it with another Dell 9-cell battery, and that lasted the duration of my ownership. The best trade-off is a local vendor  like Battery Plus which offers a one-year warranty. I had planned to replace my MacBook battery there, but I moved out before I needed one.

I researched “macbook battery bulging” and found a few people who had the same issue. They recommended take it to the Apple Store for a free replacement. Last night I setup an appointment with the Genius Bar at the Apple Store in Shibuya. I told her simply “when I show you, you will know immediately.” She looked at it and said “Ah, the battery.” Apple replaced it for free and I left 15 minutes later. It was so simple and painless.

For the record, the MacBook is under the 3-year AppleCare. Batteries are not normally under warranty, but batteries are not supposed to bulge. For all of Apple’s faults, their support remains exemplary. I still think Apple is the worst computer company, except for all the others.