Firefox Preferences

This lessons shows you how to change preferences in Firefox.

Choose Preferences…


First select Preferences… from the Firefox menu



Select the General button

Show my home page


1. When Firefox starts: "Show my home page"
2. Home Page: (This step is very important

Show my windows and tabs from last time


Alternatively you may select "Show my windows and tabs from last time". The Home Page will be ignored.

Fixing WordPress Automatic Updates on 1and1

This issue had been bugging me forever. The automatic update functionality of WordPress, for plugins and themes, never worked well. Occasionally it did, but usually I had to secure shell (ssh) and update manually.

I finally found the fix. Login to 1and1 using secure shell (ssh) . At the root of your account edit (vi) the .htaccess file. Add the following commands to the top:

AddHandler x-mapp-php5 .php
AddType x-mapp-php5 .php

This applies to the 1and1 service.

Japan and International Abduction

A friend recently reported when applying for Japanese passport for his daughter of dual citizenship, the Japanese embassy called to ask if the father had given permission to do so.

This makes me wonder if they asked only the Japanese parent. I also wonder whether a verbal acknowledgement by the Japanese parent that the non-Japanese parent had given consent was sufficient grounds to approve this requirement, whatever it is. Do they require written permission? Is permission of the non-Japanese parent required if the Japanese parent applies for citizenship back in Japan? Would citizenship be granted only after reviewing divorce papers issued overseas?

Japan is coming under increasing international criticism over the issue of abduction of children by Japanese parents. Japanese courts seldom grant non-Japanese parents access to children, even in cases where joint custody was established in overseas divorce proceedings. Japan is one of the few major countries that has not signed the Hague Convention of 25 October 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

This looks like another lame attempt by the Japanese government to pretend it is doing something to deflect international criticism, without actually doing anything.

Hubris, Cooperation, and NASA posted a recent article about NASA Chief Bolden’s visit to China. Insofar as a US government official is (and should be) visiting his peers in other countries, the visit isn’t controversial.

However, the hubris of American foreign policy and the stupidity of the members of US Congress never cease to amaze me. To quote:

“As you know, we have serious concerns about the nature and goals of China’s space program and strongly oppose any cooperation between NASA and China,” the lawmakers wrote Bolden Oct. 15 as he was leaving for China.

The fallacy is based on the premise that China wants, or even should want, any cooperation with NASA. To do so would be a death warrant for its own programs. Unlike the United States, Chinas has stated a clear goal and timeframe: to put a human on the moon by 2025 to 2030. China could probably do so much sooner if it wished, but the goal achieves the SMART criteria: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

On the contrary, NASA has nothing. I shouldn’t say NASA, because most members of NASA do desire a SMARTer mission. However, the last four decades of NASA has been a legacy of failure, declining capability, and lost opportunity. NASA has been a make-work program for lawmakers that has achieved nothing since Nixon killed the highly successful Apollo program.

Moreover, the lawmakers fallacy is based on the premise that US even has anything interesting to offer to China. There is a joke in the space advocacy communities: if NASA can go to the moon, why can’t NASA just go to the moon? There are specific areas, of course, where NASA has a great deal of knowledge and leadership, including the psychological and physiological affects of space travel on humans. Otherwise US capability for heavy lift launch is dwindling, and no longer particularly cutting edge. The Europeans, Russians, and (nearly) Japanese are equally capable of heavy lift launch (though Japan will never be a major player in this area).

It is obvious China also intends to militarize space, as other space powers have done before it, including the United States. However, China does not intend to compete militarily on a global scale with the United States. Chinese leaders are too smart for that. More specifically, China is investing in a variety of military capabilities to disable adversaries (including the United States) from carrying out military operations in Chinese territories. It is not a strategy of, in military terms, forward force projection. Americans may fear otherwise.

The defensive strategy is rational and even predictable. Look at a world map and center it on China. To the southwest is India. To the north is Russia. To the east are Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. To the south and southwest are Singapore and Australia. All have formidable military or naval capabilities and are unfriendly towards Chinese military interests. China is literally surrounded on all sides.

Here is how I interpret what the US lawmakers are really saying:

As you know we have serious concerns about the decline of US hegemony caused by our own decade long record of fiscal recklessness. We are concerned about the nature and goals of the Chinese space program that might inhibit the use of US forward force projection to achieve diplomatic goals or force economic concessions on the Chinese people. We oppose China in succeeding in an area where we have demonstrated 40 years to complete and total failure.

Install pgAdmin III on CentOS 5.5 in 3 Steps

In 3 simple steps:

1. Install epel

rpm -Uvh

2. Install rpmfusion repel

rpm -Uvh

3. Install pgAdmin III

yum install pgadmin3

New Videos Posted

I have posted a couple new family videos. The first is of a trip we made to the JAXA i branch at Tokyo Station, for a self-study project Reon was doing for school over the summer break.

The second comes from last weekend’s bottle rocket competition. It took place along the riverfront about 10 minutes (by foot) from my mother in law’s home. Please enjoy both.

The first one was made on the Flip which I bought in the US but gave to my son. The second made using ReelDirector on the iPhone. Whereas Flip is an application that runs on the PC/Mac, ReelDirector runs directly on the iPhone–no PC/Mac required. ReelDirector is now preferred, but I do intend to create a weekend project for Reon wherein he must design and upload a video using the Flip.

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