Skeptic’s Guide to Weight Loss

In the last two years have reduced my weight from 103kg to 93kg, most of that in the last 6 months. My goal is 83kg (183 lbs). Unfortunately, there is lots of bad information about how to lose weight. My formula, which I have also used successfully in the past, is based on simple principles.… Continue reading Skeptic’s Guide to Weight Loss

Lessons Learned: Mt. Fuji August 3-4

My son and I successfully completed our hike up Mt. Fuji this weekend. After a day of recovery I am now ready to share a few pearls of wisdom. Hiking in this location is more difficult than other hikes around Japan, due to a combination of a) steep incline, b) thin atmosphere, and c) slippery… Continue reading Lessons Learned: Mt. Fuji August 3-4

The faith (and doubts) of our fathers

The Economist’s December 17th article The faith (and doubts) of our fathers was the most nuanced and accurate an article on the subject as I have seen. The “founding fathers” did not speak with one voice. I love this quote: “They did not spend their time producing pearls of unanimously agreed wisdom.” Their quarrels were… Continue reading The faith (and doubts) of our fathers

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The Journey, Not the Destination

In her fascinating mini-book from Amazon Kindle Store, Nine Things Successful People Do Differently, Heidi Grant Halvorson argues “People whose goals are about getting better, rather than being good, take difficulty in stride and appreciate the journey as much as the destination.” It reminds me of my first major dive trip overseas to a live-aboard… Continue reading The Journey, Not the Destination

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Why I Still Like Apple

It is easy to have a love/hate relationship with Apple. On one hand they make great products. On the other hand, they control control their products too tightly. The most recent “anti-Apple” catalyst was the revelation that iPhones track movement information in an unencrypted database, until it was revealed a couple days later that Google… Continue reading Why I Still Like Apple

Hubris, Cooperation, and NASA

As you know we have serious concerns about the decline of US hegemony caused by our own decade long record of fiscal recklessness. We are concerned about the nature and goals of the Chinese space program that might inhibit the use of US forward force projection to achieve diplomatic goals or force economic concessions on the Chinese people. We oppose China in succeeding in an area where we have demonstrated 40 years to complete and total failure.