Global Temperatures Reached New Highs in 2017 – Futurism

Unfortunately, recent trends in the US are not encouraging. The response of the US in 2017 was:

  • Lie about the accuracy of the data
  • Stifle the collection and dissemination of the data
  • Muzzle scientists likely to publicize “inconvenient” findings
  • Question the integrity of the scientists who make statements that contradict the official doctrine of the administration
  • Blame extreme events on the victims

“If people foresee 2018 bringing comparable or worse disasters than 2017, however, that could put us in a better position to prepare for the likely occurrence of new extreme events. No one wants to be in the position Puerto Rico was in following Hurricane Maria, even if companies like Tesla are there to help. And although preparedness requires time and huge amounts of money, greater awareness is an important first step.”

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