Japanese Sightings

Japan Sightings: Pachinko Games

Lily & Madeleine

Pachinko Games

I’m scared my bitterness, written all over my face

Takes over everything

I ran through Tokyo hoping to find the place

Where only I could be, but I never found it

Japanese Sightings

Japan Sightings: Wars

Of Monsters and Men


Cold, but you glow
Like the streets of Tokyo
It’s alright, we can stay
Lost here forever
Sinking stones, we don’t know
What lies on the riverbed
So we fall, no control
No, this can’t be over yet

Japan Japanese Sightings

Japan Sightings: Lost in Japan

Lost in Japan, by Shawn Mendes, Zedd

Japan Japanese Sightings Music

Japan Sightings: Hot Thoughts by Spoon

Your teeth shining so white
Light up this sad street in Shibuya tonight
Hot thoughts melting my cool
Is it your motion, signal and cue?
Hot thoughts all in my mind and all of the time
You must be trouble for sure

The entire album is great, by the way.

Japanese Sightings

Hit Me Like That Snare

More Japanese sighted in the wild. Source: alt-J