Firefox Preferences

This lessons shows you how to change preferences in Firefox. Choose Preferences… First select Preferences… from the Firefox menu General Select the General button Show my home page 1. When Firefox starts: "Show my home page" 2. Home Page: (This step is very important Show my windows and tabs from last time Alternatively you […]

Fixing WordPress Automatic Updates on 1and1

This issue had been bugging me forever. The automatic update functionality of WordPress, for plugins and themes, never worked well. Occasionally it did, but usually I had to secure shell (ssh) and update manually. I finally found the fix. Login to 1and1 using secure shell (ssh) . At the root of your account edit (vi) […]

Japan and International Abduction

A friend recently reported when applying for Japanese passport for his daughter of dual citizenship, the Japanese embassy called to ask if the father had given permission to do so. This makes me wonder if they asked only the Japanese parent. I also wonder whether a verbal acknowledgement by the Japanese parent that the non-Japanese […]

Hubris, Cooperation, and NASA

As you know we have serious concerns about the decline of US hegemony caused by our own decade long record of fiscal recklessness. We are concerned about the nature and goals of the Chinese space program that might inhibit the use of US forward force projection to achieve diplomatic goals or force economic concessions on the Chinese people. We oppose China in succeeding in an area where we have demonstrated 40 years to complete and total failure.

Install pgAdmin III on CentOS 5.5 in 3 Steps

In 3 simple steps: 1. Install epel rpm -Uvh 2. Install rpmfusion repel rpm -Uvh 3. Install pgAdmin III yum install pgadmin3

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