The Journey, Not the Destination

In her fascinating mini-book from Amazon Kindle Store, Nine Things Successful People Do Differently, Heidi Grant Halvorson argues “People whose goals are about getting better, rather than being good, take difficulty in stride and appreciate the journey as much as the destination.”

It reminds me of my first major dive trip overseas to a live-aboard in the Sulu Sea in territorial waters of the Philippines. The diving was amazing and the experience was unforgettable. But the experience I remember most was not the diving, but rather a remotest of places called bird island. We moored off bird island for 2 days and between dives we snorkeled.

One of those days I snorkeled to bird island and walked through the field of nesting birds. Before realizing what had happened I was in the middle of dozens of birds who weren’t happy. The squawking gave it away. They remained silent as long as I didn’t move. I don’t remember it when I entered, but I felt I couldn’t leave without endangering myself. In the end they never made aggressive moves.

More recently this summer the family took a 3 week trip to the United States. The places I remember most weren’t the places we intended to visit. They were the rest stops, the shopping trip to some city in the middle of California, and the small town outside the Grand Canyon.

Of course I remember the Grand Canyon. And yes, mom and dad, I remember you too. And I promise to get better about calling. Remember it’s about the journey.