The Rational Voter

As of this writing, American voters look pretty rational. Ballots are still being counted, and several states are still uncalled, but several outcomes are very likely. The President in January 2021 will be Vice-President Joe Biden. The Electoral College count will probably finalize at 306-232 (comparable to Trump’s 304-227 victory over Clinton in 2016). The… Continue reading The Rational Voter

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Election Pre-Rambles

Unrelated photo I took recently

The US elections are nearly upon us, and two factors stick out. Most people around the world are already bored of the election and just want it over. And most American voters have already decided. I won’t even bother to make a case for any candidate here. This election will involve a lot of finger… Continue reading Election Pre-Rambles

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Japan Sightings: Wars

Of Monsters and Men Wars Cold, but you glowLike the streets of TokyoIt’s alright, we can stayLost here foreverSinking stones, we don’t knowWhat lies on the riverbedSo we fall, no controlNo, this can’t be over yet

How many people have you misunderstood today?

According to the World Clock there are 7.7 billion people (humans) alive in the world today. How many of them have you misunderstood today? We have many mechanisms for failing to achieve consensus. We receive different information We interpret the same information differently We commit new information to long-term storage at different rates, and in… Continue reading How many people have you misunderstood today?

Ghosn rearrested for alleged aggravated breach of trust – Nikkei Asian Review

This farce is descending rapidly, even by the low standards of Japan’s legal system. The court just ruled his detention could not be extended. Apparently the prosecutors found a way around it. Hopefully, this is a sign they are very desperate to get Ghosn to incriminate himself, because their case is otherwise too weak to… Continue reading Ghosn rearrested for alleged aggravated breach of trust – Nikkei Asian Review

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